How to Mirth-Up Your Creative Process

MelissaThis month’s #ArrowProject is mirth, or adding amusement to your creative work and life.

Here I am; quite mirthful.

I don’t remember what we painted that day, but I definitely enjoyed the process.

And got green hands.

This image was part of a Facebook challenge to post a photo from when you were young and full of mirth and didn’t take life too seriously. You can still join in.

My mirth-up tip? Reflect on simpler times.

Maybe your hands were green, but your smile was bright.

Today, I couldn’t be happier to be sharing how a few of my favorite, funny, joyous, clever creatives mirth-ify themselves. (sorrynotsorry)

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The question: How do you mirth-up your creative process?

JeffZentner_SerpentKing_Nashville__JHernandez-19Jeff Zentner
Award-winning author of The Serpent King & Goodbye Days

“I mirth up my creative process by listening to funny people on comedy podcasts. Listening to funny people makes me feel funnier.”

Try “My Favorite Murder,” “Gilmore Guys,” and “How Did This Get Made?

Mirth-worthy: The FAQ section of his website. Follow him on Twitter.

KelleyKelley Grace Quakkelaar
Owner/Designer at Gracie Designs

“Music is a big part of my creative process. When I am designing, I tend to listen to Brazilian Jazz, especially Bebel Gilberto. It brings me to bright, warm places. When it is time to make, it is all about old school rap (Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest or The Beastie Boys). But if I need to really get moving, it is “In Rainbows” by Radiohead and some comfy shoes. Nothing like a driving beat and a great bass line to get a girl moving.”

Mirth-worthy: She checks this Instagram account of dogs captured mid treat-catch when she needs a giggle. Check out her bags, yo. And mo.

Morgan MoranMorgan Moran
Associate Creative Director at The Karma Group

“Remember that some people are accountants – don’t for a second take creative-ing for granted. The ability to make someone laugh or shudder or cry in a few short words is pure gift. No low of writer’s block can outweigh the utter high of a sharp, biting line.”

morgan FB





brooksbenjaminBrooks Benjamin
Author of My Seventh Grade Life in Tights, an Editors’ Pick as one of the Best Books of 2016 on Amazon.

“When I feel creatively spent, a good way for me to recharge is to pick up a book or watch a movie or check out a TV show, something that’s going to let me escape from my own world and the one I’m trying to build. It’s a vacation away from my vacation so to speak. Letting other people’s creativity massage my mind for a while does wonders for me. It’s like they always know which writing muscle to dig into and shove around when I feel knotted up.”

Mirth-worthy (from Twitter): “We don’t have any bookstores in Roane County but we do have six funeral homes. Connect the dots as you see fit.” — Brooks Benjamin
Follow him on Twitter.

kirsty gungorKirsty Gungor
Freelance fashion stylist, photographer and writer

“My number one happy maker in life is the opportunity to be artistic and live creatively. It is an integral and thrilling part of my every day and is always all around me.

I even need the space I live and work in to be beautiful, as it’s how I best share my creativity with the world: through my sense of style and design. So with that being said, fashion brings a smile to my face, and if I really narrowed it down to one aspect of it, I would choose the more intricately beautiful pieces; the sparkles and delicate details.

These whimsical touches make me really, really happy. And there’s no simpler way to add delight to my creative process each day than with a cup of tea and a sweet treat. The dessert lover in me needs only a little sampling and I’m good for … okay, hours. 😉 But with a cup of tea, I’m completely in heaven.”

Mirth-worthy: Her bright, whimsical work (sample below). Find more on her lovely blog and website.

IMG_1655 IMG_3059