What is the #ArrowProject?


Hey, everyone! 

The first month of the Arrow Project has been amazing so far. For anyone wondering what the Arrow Project is all about, I thought a quick round-up post might help.

What you can expect from the #ArrowProject

  • A word of the month to inform the days ahead. The word for January is align.
  • Inspiring interviews with experts I love and trust.
  • Book talk and recommendations. Watch for a post with recommendations from the Brown County Library this week.
  • Life updates from yours truly.
  • Collaboration with cool peeps.
  • More goodness to come.

So much can affect our success … how we treat ourselves and others, what we put into our bodies, our work-space, our priorities. I believe small changes can be a tipping point. That’s why my #ArrowProject for January has been to align my sleep schedule and my home office.

  • My soothing Sunday routine: Tea, candlelight, Epsom salt bath, reading.
  • Here’s the before photo of my office. Watch for the after photo soon!

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. -John C. Maxwell

The #ArrowProject will be a continuous check-in. It will encourage everyone to try new methods in their life and work, to experiment, reflect and refocus. Little tricks. Little tweaks. Direction

Obviously anything to do with arrows has a special meaning to me (#ArrowsNovel! 💘) and in pondering direction, targets, all that good stuff, the Arrow Project felt like a fitting title. 

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If you’re excited for the series, please share this post or one of the graphics with the hashtag #ArrowProject. These are little ways to help an artist. 🙂

Thank you, I love you; Melissa.