Who inspired me? (11.13.16)


Mind. Body. Connection.

An update from author Melissa Gorzelanczyk on the simple, beautiful, everyday things she finds & measures & sinks into.

What helped me?

Taking a digital sabbatical. I deleted the Facebook app off my phone to eliminate mindless scrolling and decided to limit reading social media all around (Twitter, Instagram).

Who inspired me? 

RIP Leonard Cohen, singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. Drift into wonder with this performance of his song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.

What made life so damn good? 

My new baby nephew, three weeks old, has his first sleepover at auntie’s. My heart is full. My arms miss him.


My body will thank me because…  

My gym bag is already packed to start the week off right. Monday: I want to run, stretch, move, listen. I want to eat healthy while staying kind to myself as the holidays approach. No self-loathing or hate. Life is too short.

But I also want to fit into that bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding in February…

What words are speaking to me right now?  


I’m occasionally on Twitter and Facebook, more so on Pinterest late at night.

My book is perpetually on sale and was written for lovers and dreamers, about small towns and magic.