March #ArrowProject: Mirth


This month’s #ArrowProject is mirth, or adding amusement to your creative work and life.

My goal is to stop taking myself–and my processes–so seriously, and instead smile more. Shake it up. Acknowledge the pure pleasure in the work I do. I’ll be sharing funny, happy things in the days to come that I hope will inspire you and make you smile. (For instance, when I saw my book baby was on sale this week.)

In writing, I find humor is very hard to force, but such a cool surprise when it happens. Here’s an example, I think, from my YA contemporary about a girl who is trying to solve a crime allegedly committed by her beloved older brother, Syd, who has schizophrenia.

In the scene, Syd has just come to the door wearing a long skirt, which worries her, since he’s never dressed that way before. This moment brought a smile to my face.

“Hey,” Syd said. “You been crying?”
“No,” I lied, scowling. Max Allen didn’t deserve my tears, but I guess I gave them up anyway. “Max and I broke up.” Eight days ago. Eight boring, miserable days.
“Should I punch him?” Syd asked.
For the first time in what felt like eight days, I laughed. “Could you?”
“He totally deserves it.”
“Yep, yep, I’ll take care of that little problem for you,” Syd joked, doing a boxer’s shuffle, which was comical in the skirt.

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