Shaunae Teske: 3 Ways to Hygge Your Home (#ArrowProject)

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When I decided to make the Danish word hygge (pronounced hue-gah) the focus of February’s #ArrowProject, photographer Shaunae Teske immediately came to mind as someone to interview.

Hygge is all about life’s little pleasures–those details that lend magic to everyday moments–and Shaunae is someone who captures all of this and more in her work and surroundings.

Are you curious on how to add more hygge to your home? Here are Shaunae’s three tips:

1. Fill Your Home With What You Love.

Instead of worrying about what’s in or trending, choose pieces that make YOU happy. Use magazines and Pinterest for inspiration but then put your own spin on it. For me, that means filling my space with lots of vintage pieces, pillows, blankets, artwork, photographs, and cute little cat inspired knick-knacks.

Shaunae’s adorable guest room.

2. Story & Substance.

I believe each room in my home has it’s own personality and purpose. I choose to fill each room based on that purpose. I want pieces that help tell its story. I like to mix antiques with modern items and tie in a sentimental object to each room. That way, every time I enter a room, I feel good, warm, and completely at home.

A cozy coffee nook Shaunae created.

3. Appeal to the Senses

No room is complete until you think about the five senses. It pulls everything together to make your home feel cozy and inviting. I have a candle in every room to satisfy smell, Edison bulbs in my light fixtures to create soft lighting for sight, soft blankets and fluffy pillows for touch, my record player plays sweet melodies in my parlor all day long for sound, and little coffee stations and dishes filled with treats can be found around the house for taste.


Your turn!

How will you incorporate hygge at home? Do you think life’s little details can speak to your creative work?

For instance: I like to showcase creative work from my childhood in my home office, like my first piece of writing that was ever published (Snowflakes to be Eaten) and a collage of Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, whose writing influenced me as a teen. You can see those photos by clicking here.


Shaunae Teske is a destination photographer living in the beautiful state of Wisconsin who specializes in classically romantic wedding photography. Shaunae adores genuine love stories, real moments, long embraces, and photographs that stand the test of time. She whole-heartedly believes in building a strong community of photographers, creatives, and small business owners to support each other in hard times and cheer each other on in good times.

Though she spends most of her year traveling, she has made Green Bay her home. She resides there in her 1890 Colonial fixer upper with her two black cats, Alexander and Clementine.

You can find her online at