How to Plan a Romantic Staycation


Do you ever travel and then wonder why you left your beautiful, clean, entertaining home for the slums of hotel life?

As much as Shea and I love seeing new places, there are times when a trip simply isn’t in the budget or schedule. For our anniversary, we wanted to spend quality time together without breaking the bank.

A staycation is relatively easy to plan, affordable and enjoyable.

Use the time you would have spent driving and packing to get your house ready. Imagine you’re running a cute bed and breakfast–and you’re going to be the guest.


Set the dates for your staycation. I’d recommend taking a vacation day so no one feels rushed to complete the regular weekend tasks (and you won’t be tempted to “just throw in another load of laundry” during your time off).

Line up sitters for your kids. Make sure you’ll be able to relax at home, which is something we aren’t always used to doing.


If you’re planning your staycation for a special event, like an anniversary, now is the time to get out and buy your sweetie a gift. 

Plan the menu for the day and day after. Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Don’t forget appetizers, drinks and dessert! Since you won’t be going out to restaurants, you can afford to splurge on things you wouldn’t normally buy.

Plan activities. What are you going to do on your staycation? Staring lovingly into each other’s eyes can get a little boring. We decided to:

  • Read together. Bonus: start your night with a trip to the bookstore. If you love YA like me, try:
  • Start a new series on Netflix
  • Watch the sunset, and later, the blood moon eclipse
  • Next day: Hike a waterfowl preserve near our house
  • Yoga for me.
  • A facial mask for me.
  • Check out neighborhoods nearby for our future dream home.

More: How to Kick Back, Relax, and Vacation at Home via Real Simple.


Grocery shop for your meals. Remember to splurge! Do this together. For about $100, you can eat and drink like royalty.

Start the laundry. The more cleaning and preparation you can do in advance, the more you’ll be able to relax.


Clean the house. Focus on the rooms you’ll use for your staycation. Change the bedding. Dust. Vacuum. Mop. Catch up with dishes and empty the trash. Light a scented candle. If you have outdoor spaces, clean those up, too. Grab all the clutter that reminds  you of the things you have to do–bills, work, kids’ toys–and shut them away in a room for two days.

Luxury bath items. You know all of those sample-y things you get from aunts and Sephora? Set them out so you can try them! The Juarra mask I used was really great.

Set out candles & flowers. This is a free way to give your home ambiance. (I’m assuming you have candles.) I cut flowers from our garden, but you could easily buy a bouquet for $5 and use it in multiple ways.

Help each other. Agree to cook meals and clean up together so those tasks don’t take up too much time for one person.


For about the price of a fancy dinner, Shea and I were able to enjoy a romantic evening and day relaxing together. Bonus, we slept in a clean, comfy bed, and had a great view of our favorite show. Cheers to the guy who proves true love makes us better.

xo, Melissa

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