First Lines: For the Love of Sisters (Tag Yours!)

sisters-scene-2This post is part of my series: First Lines, where I’ll share some of my favorite quotes from Arrows, my debut young adult novel forthcoming from Delacorte Press on January 26, 2016.

Sisters. Some of my favorite scenes in Arrows are between the main character, Karma, and her younger sister, Leah.

In this scene, the two of them are in Karma’s room after an argument.

But inside, I was glad she was there. No words needed, and nothing complicated. Just us sisters.

As a sister myself–one of five!–I know how true these feelings are, and how comforting it is to be with someone who knows you as well as a sister does, and always, always loves you anyway.

(Cool note, that’s me and my youngest sister Laura in the photo, watching the sunset where we grew up. Props to my sister Crystal for capturing the moment.)

Tag your sister(s) if you share!

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xo, Melissa