First Lines: Take a Chance


This post is part of my series: First Lines, where I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes from Arrows, my debut young adult novel forthcoming from Delacorte Press on January 26, 2016.

Take a chance.

You’ve probably heard the phrase more than once in your lifetime.

Possibly it was shared as a flippant FYI, easy words that left you stammering to guess the pros and cons of whatever risk you were considering.

And risk can be scary. In fact, I’ll venture that risk feels a little like being sent to Earth as a human and leaving all you know behind, like Aaryn, one of the main characters in my book.

With chance, there is uncertainty.

There is the thought that things might not work out. That you’ll fail. That you’ll be rejected.

And then you might hurt.

You Cannot Lose Her Now

Considering these lines today, they seem like a good fit for any risk in life, not just winning the girl.

I know risk.

As someone who writes full-time with the support of my husband, there have been days where I’ve doubted the risk we’ve taken–pausing a whole career to pursue another–but recently, a friend brought everything back into perspective.

“You really can’t put a price on following your dreams,” she said.

So some risks are priceless. Love, too.

And no matter what choices are made in the future, I’m thankful for this time to take a chance–to jump fully into writing fiction, a choice that’s not available for everyone. I know risk as well as I know how lucky I am.

Don’t lose your dreams.

Write. Draw. Make music.

Fall in love all the way.

Start your own company, like my friends at Shift Visuals.

Share your talents with the world.

Because if you make it, the confusion you’ve felt won’t matter.

Take a chance.


You can pre-order Arrows now. Or add it on Goodreads. I’d love you forever if you did.

xo, Melissa

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