Endless Possibilities?

Pensiero / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

They say that life is full of endless possibilities, but do we believe that?

Or do we compare?

Get stuck?

And feel like we are inadequate?

Today, I want to believe in possibility.

I want to believe I’m/


we’re this close to getting an agent or a book deal or becoming the next bestseller.

I want to believe I/


we can make enough money to look back and say:

good life,

good career and–

man, that was fun.

The possibilities are endless–really!–so we don’t have to stop there. We can dream and build and chase that infinite something.

Special thanks to Liza Wiemer, author of the YA novel Hello? coming from Spencer Hill Contemporary, November 2015, who inspired this post.

In closing, she added:

I believe in you. I’m cheering you on! And I’m wishing you tremendous success! There’s more than enough out there for all of us.

* * *

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